A second August 2020 newsletter

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Good evening  Ladies
I was delighted some of us were able to meet up on Tuesday, it being such a hot day. I understand why some members weren’t able to join us. Although we welcome the cooler weather perhaps the thunderstorm on Wednesday was not what we ordered.
At our picnic  we  sat in shade under the trees and we enjoyed catching up with what we’d all been doing over the last few months. Some of us had taken part in the free talks and workshops online, organised by the Oxfordshire Federation of Women’s Institutes (there are two advertised in this month News &Views). Others have been busy making masks. Val has made more than 80 and raised over £200 for The Abingdon Bridge (TAB). Amazing, well done Val.
Ann, Irene and Jill have now started meeting up once a week for coffee, socially distancing of course.  Loran, Marian, Jenny and Viv have been on a walk. It’s good to hear that slowly we’re starting to bring a little normality back into our lives.
We also talked about moving our meetings to the afternoon; and those present were happy with the proposal, but we agreed to try meet up again next month before making our final decision. Both Hilary and I would like to thank all of you who have emailed us your vote.
Just as we were thinking about going home, Anne surprised us with a free raffle.  Anita, Irene and Val were the lucky winners, which brought the picnic to a pleasant end.
In the meantime stay fit and keep in touch.
Best wishes
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