January 2021 newsletter

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Dear All
My best wishes to you all for the coming year.  I trust it will be better than the last one! Despite everything, I hope you all managed to have a pleasant Christmas.

Sadly with the new restrictions it be  will sometime before we can start thinking about restarting our monthly meetings .

However there are some very interesting talks and workshops online from Denman which you might enjoy.  I know we have many talented craft ladies among us who might like to enter this year’s Home and Gardens Craft Competition.  It’s to make a hat, which  you can make by whatever crafting method you prefer, and in whatever style you wish.  I have been trying to knit some of those little hats for Edna, but I have to say they’re nowhere near up to the WI‘s standard.

Perhaps things  are now starting to look better, with vaccines soon to be available to us all. Indeed some of you may already have been vaccinated. Hopefully the government will now put together a sensible long term plan, which will allow us start looking forward to better times ahead .

?Wishing You all A Healthy and Happy Start to 2021?

In the meantime stay safe and keep well.


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