August 2020 newsletter

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Good afternoon ladies,
I trust you are all keeping safe and well and coping with this hot weather. As you may know the committee have been having a monthly meeting, ensuring we abide by government guidelines. During our meetings we have been discussing ways forward for Abingdon Fitzharrys WI. After much discussion and talking to various members, the committee is proposing / suggesting that we become an afternoon institute.

The meeting would continue to be held on the second Tuesday of each month from 1.45 pm –
We need the support of all the members, before any changes can be made, and therefore we are hoping to take a vote at the tea/picnic in the Abbey Grounds on Tuesday 11 August; if you are unable to attend please let either myself 01235 521657 or Hilary 01235 538839 know what your views are.

We are hoping for suggestions from you as to know how we can slowly start meeting again in the not too distant future.

Weather permitting I look  forward to see you all on Tuesday; please remember to bring a chair and your own picnic.

Best wishes

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