May 2020 newsletter

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Dear All,
How are you all? Taking care, staying at home and and keeping busy, I hope!

Having heard from our Prime Minister this week, it appears that it will be sometime before any groups are able to meet. The committee has taken the decision to contact all the speakers who were booked for this year, to see if they would consider carrying their booking over to 2021; we await their replies.

On a lighter note, I expect by now you will all have beautifully clean cupboards and immaculate gardens.  If like me you were unaccustomed to shopping online, and tried to find a slot with either Waitrose or Tesco’s, I did,  but failed!  Our young neighbours came to the rescue – they now add our shopping onto their weekly delivery, for which I am very grateful.

How are you enjoying your online News & Views?  I do appreciate that some members may not have access to a copy; Hilary is planning to print a copy each month for our archive. There is one article in particular that I would recommend –  the online talks. You will find all the information on #MYVIRTUALOXFORDSHIREWI#  which is on the last page of this month’s copy. To book your ticket  just follow the instructions. – Click Here To Book Free Zoom Event , once this is done you will then receive an email confirming your booking. I have joined  three, they’ve been interesting and a pleasant way to pass an hour! On Monday 18 May, you can hear all about the life of Edith Cavell. I look forward to seeing some of you there .

I am enjoying being at home, though it took a some time settle into this different pace of life,  catching up with reading, gardening and baking. I’ve even managed to knit two small woolly hats.  I do really miss friends and family and look forward to the time when we can be together.

These are very strange times with which we are having to cope. I would be pleased to hear from you  to find out what you have been doing during the “Lockdown”.

Take care, stay safe and keep smiling.

Best wishes.

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