July 2019 meeting report

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The Minutes of Abingdon Fitzharrys WI meeting held on 9 July 2019 at Northcourt Centre

After the singing of Jerusalem, Moira opened the meeting by welcoming Helen, a visitor.

Christine Green once a Graphic Designer for the BBC gave a fascinating talk about her work accompanied by many visuals of work in progress and the finished designs.

The tea break was followed by a short business meeting.

Thanks to all who supported the Northcourt Centre Raffle and Open Afternoon which raised £1,256.60.  Anita explained her plan for us to add miles to our Centenary challenge by getting together for a circular perambulation around the Abingdon Vale cricket pitch, occasionally pausing for a cup of tea and biscuits on the morning of Thursday 15 August. 

Apologies were received from Val, Margaret and Hazel. The flowers, from Moira, were given to Loran who had recently celebrated her Golden Wedding.

Treasurer’s Report

  1. We had received a £10 donation from Peachcroft WI for the hire of our projector.
  2. Profit made at the Open Day for “Guess the weight of Moira’s cake” was £19 – won by Anne.
  3. Raffle from the last meeting made – £26    Refreshments – £11.
  4. Our new notice board cost £80.

Forthcoming Events

  1. Jenny’s walk – to Culham on Monday 15 July.
  2. Moira’s Garden Party on Thursday 18 July
  3. Jubilee Group Centenary Celebration at Steventon on Tuesday 30 July
  4. Summer outing to Broughton Castle on Tuesday 13 August

And finally…….

We all thoroughly enjoyed listening to members recalling their unforgettable experiences. Many thanks to all who had the courage to stand up to inform and amuse us. It was a delightful ending to the meeting.

 Anita and Brian have many memories of events they have organised over the years for Children in Need.  Anne recalled crawling through damp, dark caves with youngsters on school outings. Hilary amused us with her story of the action packed return from holiday in Turkey and Loran described how she first met Mike when on holiday in Lyme Regis – she was reminded by just having celebrated their Golden Wedding.


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